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Team build with Shaka tours

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The team build organized by Shaka Tours was to an unknown destination of the peacefully placed Doctina Resort beach on Jinja – Malaba high way approximately 107 kms from Kampala. The wonders of Uganda are unveiled on our way to Jinja through the hills and the roasted Muchomo at Namawonjolo which our team had a feast on. You cant stand missing the aroma of the roasted chicken, Gonja (roasted bananas) etc.

Once at Doctina Beach, our team was welcomed by the gentle and smiling Dr. Kaggwa together with Mr. Kavuma the manager of the beach. We were all amazed at the beauty of the beach which is far isolated from the crowdy and noisy towns with a cool breeze blowing from the River Nile which majestically gives Doctina beach a more appealing site. Its fully furnished cottages are assembled just next to the shores of the Nile with solar panels on top of each cottage a sign that Doctina beach places environmental conservation as a priority in its activities. Its fully stocked bar provides you with a variety of drinks which ever you choice may be.

The massive gardens provided the right space that our team needed for all its activities during the team build. The delicious lunch prepared by the chefs left our team in good spirits and made their day worth the long journey they had covered to the beach

Take opportunity and lets us organize your corporate team build to Doctina Resort Beach a hidden treasure that many don’t know about.

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