Located in the western Uganda subsequent to fort portal, Kibale National park occupies an area of about 795km and it’s known to have one of Uganda’s most spectacular tropical forests. It’s Uganda’s gratifying park to discover a lot of attractions. It’s a habitat to many wild animals such as the primates along with chimpanzees, localized red colobus and Lhotse’s monkeys. Kibale’s major attraction is the opportunity of tracking habituated chimps which are more closely related to human beings than any other animal species. The forest occupies the northern as well as the central part of the park which provides to delight botanists and butterfly lovers while birders also have a large variety of birds to watch out for. Kibale in the northern part has a peak of about 1590m above sea level and the wettest area with an annual rainfall of about 1600mm.The rainy months include March-May as well as September-November. It has an average temperature of about 15-26oc and temperatures are high in the south because of the landscape. The southern Kibale connects to the heart of Queen Elizabeth National park.

The park is suited near Ndali-Kasenda crater and it’s a 40 minutes’ drive to Queen Elizabeth, Semuliki National park, Toro Semliki wildlife Reserve. It is one of the best safari destinations in Africa for chimpanzee tracking. Kibale’s 795km2 National Park contains one of the most beautiful varying tracts of tropical forest in the whole of Uganda. This is place to a number of forest wildlife, most especially 13 species of primate coupled with chimpanzees.


Primate Lodge

Primate Lodge in Kibale is a styled Eco-lodge within Kibale National park. It’s walled by a flourishing tropical forest that is inhabited by different species of primates for instance the chimpanzees. It’s secretly sheltered in the rainforest which gives a really dependable jungle familiarity and it’s the most favorable place for tracking the primates in Uganda. Primate lodge Kibale has accommodation for all visitors ranging from luxury cottages and tents.

The lodge has about 8 safari tents, wooden platform with a thatched roof that tends to match well with the environment. The bathrooms and toilets have a natural touch of the environment made out of local stones, wall paintings as well as bamboo. Among the activities include chimp tracking, cultural dances at night, Forest walk, bird watching, Bigodi village walk discovery of the crater Lakes, Cultural heritage, Hike at the slopes of Rwenzori along with the Nature trail.

On top of that, it has about 7 cottages which are located in the forest. The rooms are big with double beds, a sitting room with a contemporary African design, bathrooms and toilets. Another exciting adventure is the sky tree house, it has a bedroom with other facilities that can enable you worship a night there.

Nyinabulitwa Country Resort

It is located just about 20 kms off Fort Portal in the western part of Uganda. The resort surrounds Kibale Forest National Park known to be the most startling tropical rainforest in the country with eye-catching birds and insects. The resort has well organized accommodation with self-contained cottages that put up both double and single beds with high quality services. The resorts have tour guides that will lead you through the forest. A forest walk will give you a chance to get close to some primates and birds. The lake offers many activities such as swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking plus Mountain biking and hiking. You can’t afford to miss such mind- blowing activities.