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Kidepo National park

Centered on the Sudanese border in the north east and secluded from Uganda by the rude plains north of Mt. Elgon, Kidepo is one of Africa’s superlative wilderness areas. It harbors a great number of animal species some of which are found nowhere else in Uganda. The big time favorites include elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, hyenas, buffalos and cheetahs. During the dry season, the only permanent water in the park is found in wetlands and remnant pools in the broad Narus Valley. These seasonal oases, combined with the open savannah terrain make the Narus Valley the park’s prime game viewing location. The park is open for visiting thought the year. One can come to a decision to travel by plane or road transport following the end of the massive rebellions and upgrade in the transport system. It’s the massive sense of isolation that distinguishes this rare splendor of wild Africa.


Nature Walks in Kidepo Valley

The Lomej Mountains can be reached on foot in four hours; shorter guided walks of around two hours can be taken through the Narus Valley extending over a 5km radius from Apoka Tourism Centre. Visitors can also tour along the Kidepo River Valley between banks of attractive borassus palm forest. Visitors come in contact with amazing tribes during prearranged hikes to the Morungole Mountain. The hike starts very early in the morning.


Game drives

Game drives are also organized during which animals like lions can be spotted with the help of a game ranger. The hour-long drive to Kanangorok Hot Springs passes some breath taking landscapes. North of Apoka, beyond the river crossing, the road passes between rock outcrops and hills before descending into the Kidepo Valley. This is where ostriches are most commonly seen.

Bird watching in Kidepo Valley

Apoka Rest Camp is the best idea to begin your Kidepo birding experience. Fringes of the Narus Valley also provide a great spot for bird watching. Among the birds seen are the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Abyssinian Roller, Heron, and Clapperton’s Francolin, which is found only in Kidepo. Bird watching runs both in the morning and evening good year-round, but at its best from March to April for all the specials and many migrants.


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Apoka Rest Camp

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