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Semiliki Forest National Park

Semliki National Park is situated in Bundibugyo 2 km from Fort Portal town in western Uganda. The park borders Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo within the western arm of the East African Rift Valley. Semliki is the only tract of natural lowland tropical forest in east Africa. The forest contains about 300 tree species and a spectacular 441 recorded species of bird. The Sempaya hot springs which form the Congolese border can as well be viewed form the Semiliki valley. These springs contain a 2 meter jet of hot water at 130 degrees c and a pool of oozing boiling water which creates an eye-catching site.

Semiliki N.P protects an extension of the Congo’s Ituri rainforest which are noted because of its varied bird population of over 45 Congolese species found nowhere else in Uganda. Some of the bird species include black dwarf horn bill, shining blue kingfisher, yellow-throated nicator and the nkelengu rail. It is thus of great interest to individuals who are funs of birding. The forests harbor many mammals ranging from the forest dwellers such as elephants and chimps to the commonly known De Brazza’s and Dent’s mona monkeys red colobus, pottos and the bush babies, The national park has full potential for sport fishing along the river and guided forest walks form the park, cultural encounters with the Batwa. A variety of accommodation facilities are available according to the test of an individual.