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Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Commonly known as the mountains of the moon, the Rwezori Mountains lie in western Uganda along the Uganda-Congo border. It is Africa’s tallest mountain range challenged in attitude by only Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro. Its glacial can be viewed from a distance from the mountain with the lower slopes covered in moorland, bamboo and rich, moist montane forest. The mountain slopes above 1600m are the hug out for hikers and mountanineering activities and it’s rated as the most challenging of all African mountains to climb. A twelve-day trek will get skilled climbers to the summit of the highest peak of Margherita and other shorter treks o the lower peaks of the mountain. However, the high attitude and cold conditions are not favorable for individuals with health issues who can easily be affected by the weather. It should therefore be attempted only by the experienced mountaineers.

A variety of mammals inhabit the slopes of the mountain some of which include monkeys and birds. The Bakonzo villages neighboring the mountains also offer forest natural walks, cultural lessons and accommodation including locally cooked foods. For those who are tired of the scotching sun of Kampala and what to experience the feeling of being in winter, Rwenzori national park is the place to be since it offers you the exact feeling you desire.

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