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Murchison Fall National Park.

Located in the northwest from Masindi, Murchison N.P is one of Uganda’s largest national parks covered by a chunk of savannah, papyrus swamps, woodland and tropical forests which provide residence to a variety of bird species such as the rare shoebill stork. It’s bisected through by the mighty river Nile. Its name Murchison falls N.P comes about because furious falls at the point where the largest river with its source in Uganda explodes into a violent speed through the narrow cleft in the Rift Valley. The Murchison Nile separates the Banyoro and the Nilotic people of northern Uganda

The national park contains a large population of mammals some of which include buffalos, lion, leopards, elephants, hippo, Uganda kob, antelopes and giraffes. The Nile being the lifeblood of the park holds a variety of hippos, crocodiles and water birds which are seen regularly at the throughout the seasons. The Rabongo forests in the southeast provide safety to the chimps and other rainforest creatures

Launch trips organized to the base of the falls provide fine game viewing of the large population of Hippos and the impressive sing birds which add beauty to the Nile. Chimp tracking is also a must in the Rabongo forest and game drives organized on safe and well maintained roads. Cultural sites such as the Mparo tombs, Katasiha fort and the Hoima palace can as well be toured during your state the region.